Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew: Code Red

Here we are, in the second blog of the Mountain Dew series. You can check out the others in the series here. Can I just say one more time how much fun this whole week was? This day in particular was super fun because it’s one of the days we got to work with my old pal Glenn Fajota. His studio is actually inside The Makeup School by Sarah Rillon,which is literally 4 minutes from my salon. He hooked us up with a makeup artist (@makeupby_Karyn) & took some before photos then we were on our way to the salon to DO WORK….

Mountain Dew Code Red

Meet Erica. Another one of our fantastic winners & mostly VIRGIN HAIR….SCORE! Her flavor was Code Red.

Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew: Code Red
Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew: Code Red
Glenns Lighting set up is #GOALS

Glenns Lighting set up is #GOALS

This flavor was actually a little tricky for me because the can is mostly red & black. I didn’t want to create the typical red & black hair, I wanted to utilize the dark cherry colors, white & silvers on the can as well.

I started by cutting off most of her old blonde & giving her a fun & sassy, shorter lob.

From there I prelightened her all over using Kenra Simply Blonde Blue Powder lightener. As you will come to find out, I used this lightener on all my models. It’s literally my favorite lightener on the market.

Guys, we used 10 BOWLS OF LIGHTENER ON HER. Don’t let her hair fool you, its fine but there is a ton of it.

I did kind of a half assed platinum card on her. Instead of putting every single piece of hair in a foil, I laid a foil down every 3-4 sections. So basically a full bleach out, with foil.

I parted her hair into 4 quadrants & started in the back moving around the head. I knew this was gonna take me a while because I’m a freak & have to double, even triple check each section to make sure it is saturated enough. I started with 15vol (20vol + 10vol=15vol) in the back moving to 25vol on the last section.(20vol + 30vol=25vol) As always, I add Antidot to my lightener to keep the scalp irritation at bay.

Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew: Code Red

Now for the fun part….COLOR! I wish I had more photos of the partings to show you, but I’m going to explain it the best I can with a diagram I made, that I hope is easy to follow! Just know, I over directed everything back, away from the face. On wet hair I applied the following formulas….


Formula 1: Matrix Socolor Cult Red Hot (semi)

Formula 2: Matrix Socolor Cult Red Hot & Black (semi)

Formula 3: Matrix Color Sync 8A with 5vol (demi)

Formula 4: Matrix Color Sync 10A with 5Vol (demi)

Formula 5: Matrix Color Sync 1A with 5vol (demi)

Formula 6: Mix Formula 5 & Formula 3 together in a foil

Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew: Code Red
Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew: Code Red.jpg
Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew: Code Red

I know this diagram may seem like a lot, but it’s your basic block coloring technique. I went way back to my Paul Mitchell roots with this one!

When it came time to rinse, I KNEW, from previous experience, that the Red Hot was going to go EVERYYYYYWHERE. So I left the entire front section in foils & rinsed the back out first. Then, I rinsed the foils out one by one. Her front blonde piece turned a little too grey so I used Quick Fix from Malibu C to remove some of the color. My hopes were that it would get more white, but it stayed in the beige family.

When rinsing the quick fix off, her ends took a little of the red that was still bleeding. But I kinda dug the color melt effect it gave the front, so I left it.

I gave her a quick blow out & snapped some photos of her sassy new look straight, then we headed back over to The Make up School so Karyn could apply lipstick & lashes & Glenn could get some after photos.

We didn't get back to Glenn’s until 8:45pm & then ended up shooting our after photos til around 10:30pm, but it was so much fun! Turns out my model & Glenn have mutual friends!

I styled her using B3 Color Locking Spray followed by Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Cream.

When we got to Glenns, I used my Paul Mitchell Express Gold Curl 1.25 inch to give her some loose waves with Kenra Dry Oil Control Spray.

Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew: Code Red
Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew: Code Red

This model took a total of 8 hours + 2 hours for photos. Her price breakdown is as follows:

Bleach Out: (2 bowls of bleach) $150

Extra bowls of bleach: (8 extra bowls) $600

Olaplex in every bowl of lightener:(10 bowls total) $350

Fashion Color:(2 bowls of color) $150

Demi Color:(3 bowls of color) $150

B3 in every bowl of color (5 bowls) $175

Haircut: $55

Total: $1,630

I do want to add to this price breakdown that, not everyone can afford to drop this kind of money on one hair appointment. That’s why hairdressers create “session” looks. These are looks that take multiple sessions to achieve & happen over time. This works within the budget of our clients & within any time constraints we or the client might have. This makes these kinds of huge transformations much more affordable & the end result that much sweeter!

Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew:Code Red
Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew: Code Red

What do you think of this Code Red inspired look? Have questions about the technique? Drop me a comment!

Cryistal Chaos
The Mountain Dew Series:Code Red

Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew: Voltage

Ok so here’s the scoop, if you didn’t already know….I partnered with Mountain Dew. We teamed up to giveaway 5 Mountain Dew inspired hair colors. All 5 winners were done in a weeks time frame & I had so much fun!

This is the first of a series of blogs to share the complete process & breakdown just how long it took.

Mountain Dew Voltage

Meet Chloe. She was one of our lucky winners & her flavor was Voltage. Chloe had about 5 inches of regrowth with a combo of old faded blue & left over greenish blonde.

Voltage Before- Cryistal Chaos
Voltage Before- Cryistal Chaos

We started by lighting her regrowth with Kenra Simply Blonde Blue Powder Lightener & 20 Volume developer.

I used Antidot pro in my lightener to keep scalp irritation to a minimum.

After I finished applying to the regrowth area I added 1/8 oz of Olaplex (to the first line on the Olaplex measurement cap) to my lightener to turn my 20 vol to 10 vol. I applied this over the old faded blue & any darker greenish areas for about 10 mins.

After rinsing I noticed that there were still some unwanted green tones, so I used 1 part Limecrime Unicorn Hair in Shook with 2 parts conditioner. This particular shade of Unicorn Hair is only a tint, not full coverage, but I didn’t want to risk her hair taking too much of the color, so I added conditioner. We were left with beautiful pastel tones.

Processing- Cryistal Chaos
Fashion Color Toner-Cryistal Chaos
Toned Fashion Color-Cryistal Chaos

Next is the fun part! We started applying our color. Her formulas are as follows:

Formula 1: Matrix Socolor Cult in Admiral Navy (semi-permanent)

Formula 2: Olaplex #2 with 3 drops of formula 1

Formula 3: Matrix Socolor Cult in Red Hot (semi-permanent)

Before all of my color applications I part the hair into 4 quadrants. I always start in the back & move around the head.

I applied the root color first (formula 1) then melted the mid shaft color (formula 2) with the root color. This part was a very intense process. When applying the mid shaft color, I actually like to overlap it onto the root color just a bit. Crazy, I know. This actually helps to diffuse any harsh lines & blend the color. From there I “bled” the root color into the mid shaft color to create a lighter version of the root color.

Last step: apply ends color (formula 3) with there being a little bit of a seafoam green left in the hair I used the red to cancel it out. Applying it to the very tips first & then blending it up & into the mid shaft color.

Check out this video to see how it’s done.


When it came time to rinse her, I knew that formula 1 was gonna bleed pretty bad. So I wrapped her ends in plastic caps & had her lay on them while only rinsing her roots the best that I could. When the water ran clear, I proceeded to rinse all of her hair together in warm water. It was a success!

I sprayed Matrix Keep Me Vivid lamination spray all over before applying the Keep Me Vivid conditioner.

I blew her out with Matrix Keep Me Vivid Velvetizer & Kenra Nitro Memory Creme. Styled her with my Paul Mitchell Neuro Express wand & Kenra Color Maintenance thermal spray.

This look took me 8 hours total. (plus 1.5 hours for photographs) Pricing breakdown is as follows:

Bleach Out: (2 bowls of bleach) $150

Extra bowls of bleach: (5 extra bowls) $375

Olaplex in every bowl of lightener:(7 bowls total) $245

Fashion Color:(3 bowls of color) $200

Haircut: $55

Total: $1,025

Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew: Voltage
Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew: Voltage
Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew: Voltage

What do you think of this Mountain Dew:Voltage inspired hair? Have questions about the techniques? Drop me a comment!

Cryistal Chaos
The Mountain Dew Series- Cryistal Chaos