Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew: Livewire

Here we are for the third blog in the Mountain Dew series. You can see the other post here. I was on a bit of a time crunch for this look. I only had 6.5 hours before I had another client. I was praying she didn’t have a metric ton of hair, but she did & we still managed to work it out in just 6.5 hours.

Mountain Dew Livewire

Meet Jessi. The third winner of my partnership with Mountain Dew, with long, flowing, [mostly] VIRGIN HAIR! Her flavor was LIVEWIRE.

Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew: Livewire
Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew: Livewire
Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew: Livewire

I wanted to do something a little different with this one since we had a bottle to photograph this time instead of a can. I also felt like her natural chocolate color was a perfect base for these warm tones. So I took it back to the early 2000’s with a twist on todays current color trends & created something chunky with a more natural placement.

Foil Formulas:

Formula 1: Kenra Simply Blonde Blue Powder Lightener with 20vol

Formula 2: Paul Mitchell Color XG 7RO with Trillion Tones Intense Red & Intense Yellow ( to create a stronger orange) with 30 vol

Formula 3: Paul Mitchell Color XG 8C with 30 vol

Formula 4: Matrix Color Sync 1A with 5vol

All formulas included Brazilian Bond Builder.

I sectioned the hair into 4 quadrants, as I usually do, & treated it like a full foil. My placement for foils was as follows:

Slice, weave, slice, slice, tease light. Repeat.

Foil formula pattern is as follows:

Slice: Formula 4

Weave: Formula 3

Slice: Formula 2

Slice: Formula 1

Tease Light: Formula 1

For the fringe section, my plan was to shatter it a little with the cut so I did back to back slices leaving a slice of her natural in between each with double back to back slices on the very top with Formula 1.

Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew: Livewire

After rinsing, on damp hair I applied a fashion color overlay.

Fashion Color Formulas:

Formula 1: Matrix SoColor Cult Red Hot

Formula 2: Matrix SoColor Cult Orange Alert

Formula 3: Matrix SoColor Cult Lucky Duck Yellow

Brazilian Bond Builder was used in all these formulas as well.

I worked in tier sectioning just alternating big sections of each color. When I got to the fringe I made sure that orange was my last overlay color so it sat on the top.

Heres a quick video so you can see how it was done.

Her blow out was done using Kenra Blowout smoothing Lotion & I styled her using my Paul Mitchell express ion unclipped 3 in 1 iron with Kenra Diamond Deflect Spray.

Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew: Livewire
Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew: Livewire
Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew: Livewire

What do you think of this Livewire inspired look? Would you rock it?

Got questions? Drop me a comment!

Cryistal Chaos
Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew: Livewire