Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew: Voltage

Ok so here’s the scoop, if you didn’t already know….I partnered with Mountain Dew. We teamed up to giveaway 5 Mountain Dew inspired hair colors. All 5 winners were done in a weeks time frame & I had so much fun!

This is the first of a series of blogs to share the complete process & breakdown just how long it took.

Mountain Dew Voltage

Meet Chloe. She was one of our lucky winners & her flavor was Voltage. Chloe had about 5 inches of regrowth with a combo of old faded blue & left over greenish blonde.

Voltage Before- Cryistal Chaos
Voltage Before- Cryistal Chaos

We started by lighting her regrowth with Kenra Simply Blonde Blue Powder Lightener & 20 Volume developer.

I used Antidot pro in my lightener to keep scalp irritation to a minimum.

After I finished applying to the regrowth area I added 1/8 oz of Olaplex (to the first line on the Olaplex measurement cap) to my lightener to turn my 20 vol to 10 vol. I applied this over the old faded blue & any darker greenish areas for about 10 mins.

After rinsing I noticed that there were still some unwanted green tones, so I used 1 part Limecrime Unicorn Hair in Shook with 2 parts conditioner. This particular shade of Unicorn Hair is only a tint, not full coverage, but I didn’t want to risk her hair taking too much of the color, so I added conditioner. We were left with beautiful pastel tones.

Processing- Cryistal Chaos
Fashion Color Toner-Cryistal Chaos
Toned Fashion Color-Cryistal Chaos

Next is the fun part! We started applying our color. Her formulas are as follows:

Formula 1: Matrix Socolor Cult in Admiral Navy (semi-permanent)

Formula 2: Olaplex #2 with 3 drops of formula 1

Formula 3: Matrix Socolor Cult in Red Hot (semi-permanent)

Before all of my color applications I part the hair into 4 quadrants. I always start in the back & move around the head.

I applied the root color first (formula 1) then melted the mid shaft color (formula 2) with the root color. This part was a very intense process. When applying the mid shaft color, I actually like to overlap it onto the root color just a bit. Crazy, I know. This actually helps to diffuse any harsh lines & blend the color. From there I “bled” the root color into the mid shaft color to create a lighter version of the root color.

Last step: apply ends color (formula 3) with there being a little bit of a seafoam green left in the hair I used the red to cancel it out. Applying it to the very tips first & then blending it up & into the mid shaft color.

Check out this video to see how it’s done.


When it came time to rinse her, I knew that formula 1 was gonna bleed pretty bad. So I wrapped her ends in plastic caps & had her lay on them while only rinsing her roots the best that I could. When the water ran clear, I proceeded to rinse all of her hair together in warm water. It was a success!

I sprayed Matrix Keep Me Vivid lamination spray all over before applying the Keep Me Vivid conditioner.

I blew her out with Matrix Keep Me Vivid Velvetizer & Kenra Nitro Memory Creme. Styled her with my Paul Mitchell Neuro Express wand & Kenra Color Maintenance thermal spray.

This look took me 8 hours total. (plus 1.5 hours for photographs) Pricing breakdown is as follows:

Bleach Out: (2 bowls of bleach) $150

Extra bowls of bleach: (5 extra bowls) $375

Olaplex in every bowl of lightener:(7 bowls total) $245

Fashion Color:(3 bowls of color) $200

Haircut: $55

Total: $1,025

Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew: Voltage
Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew: Voltage
Cryistal Chaos X Mountain Dew: Voltage

What do you think of this Mountain Dew:Voltage inspired hair? Have questions about the techniques? Drop me a comment!

Cryistal Chaos
The Mountain Dew Series- Cryistal Chaos