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Photography 101

You can change the way your photos AND videos look overnight.

💡Camera settings- How they effect the light & what they mean for the hair colors you're photographing. 

💡Learn how to get that "portrait mode" look & how to find a lens that works for you.

💡Lighting - We will dive into the lighting I use & what I use as a backdrop/how to make your every day settings work as a backdrop.

✨If you are looking to use your camera to upgrade your video content you are going to need to know all the settings we covered in the Photography 101 course.

You can get this course right now for only $109 as a part of the Halloween Flash Sale! (reg price $189)

Videography 101

Are you tired of struggling to learn how to edit & make trending videos on your own? Do you want to fast-track your progress? If so, I highly recommend checking out this video course!

What you'll get:

  • The Tools (a $97 value)
  • The Filming (a $109 value)
  • The Editing (a $300 value)
  • The Extras (a $75 value)

This course is for beginners or creators who can somewhat use CapCut & InShot. This course is for iPhone AND camera users. I am an apple user so the phone tips and tricks I reference are for Apple.

What People Are Saying:

I finished your photography course last week and just wrapped up videography 101 today, tbh I’ll probably spend the rest of the day playing with CapCut There’s plenty of free photography/editing courses out there but a course specifically catered to hairstylists made my lil neurodivergent brain so happy. Everything was easy to digest and I appreciate that you kept the video lengths on the shorter end.


When cryistal told me she was using capcut for her reels I was blown away because I assumed she’s been spending hours using Final Cut Pro to produce something of that quality and it not only inspired me but helped me level up my speaking reels as well because while I’m absolutely not going to spend hours editing in fcp I’ll gladly add captions in an app that increase my watch time and make my content even easier for my ideal people to consume