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The Chaos Academy is just a little corner of the internet where you can come to sip your coffee in your pajamas, while learning how to up your social media game. The blog covers everything from Social Media to Travel & all of the online courses are listed to the right. This learning experience is at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home or local Starbucks! More coming soon!



  • Social Media (Coming Soon)

  • Photography (Coming Soon)

  • Videography (Coming Soon)

  • Business (Coming Soon)


Each course will be priced individually. Prices will be announced with class start date.

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I’ve gotten such great feedback!

“I love all the advice Cryistal shared with me about making videos! My video content has completely shifted the way my page looks & I’ve gotten such great feedback! She also made it super easy for me to understand, all the apps & techniques she shared with me are amazing! I can’t wait to make more!”


I value her opinion & respect her honesty.

“My favorite thing about Crystal is how much thought, research & detail she puts into everything she does. She knows her shit. I love reaching out to her to ask questions. She’s honest, a great person to get feedback from & gives constructive criticism. I value her opinion & respect her honesty.


Her approach to teaching keeps you engaged.

“Cryistal is such an amazing artist, way beyond her color artistry, but also her knowledge of marketing & networking, which is an art on it’s own! Her approach to teaching social media keeps you engaged from start to finish. Never a dull moment, just high quality education that you can put to use immediately. I highly recommend anyone wanting to up their game & elevate their career to take her class!



Congrats bitch! You gonna learn today!