What's in my camera bag?

In honor of National Camera Day (June 29th) I have compiled a list of my favorite camera gear, a “What’s in my bag” type list along with some items I wish were in my bag. These are all of the tools I use & have used to capture any & all of my photos & Videos.

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  1. Sony A6500: this is my day to day camera. This mirrorless, crop censor camera packs a lot of punch. It has all of the tools you need to capture epic travel photos, hair photos & video of all of the above. Perfect for beginners or those just looking to upgrade.

  2. Sony A7III: I don’t own this camera, YET. I did rent it for 13 days last summer while traveling around California & it was a dream. This full frame camera is a bit pricey so, definitely for someone more advanced.

  3. GoPro Hero 7 Black: I actually own the GoPro Hero 5 Black however, after renting the 7, I’ve learned that this GoPro out performs all others. The stabilization in this this is killer, you can easily wear this on a head mount or chest mount & get very unique point of view footage. I especially like this for hair because the point of view is from the hairstylist perspective. This is also a waterproof camera so you can get some epic underwater photos.


  1. Sigma 30mm: This is what I shoot all of my hair photos with. This is a prime lens (which means no zooming in or out) & on the A6500 it equals out to be 48mm. I also use this to record all of my in salon video. I paid $400 for his but it’s now only $289! The only complaint I have about this lens (because it is a third party lens) is that is has some trouble focusing occasionally.

  2. Sony 50mm: This is a full frame lens & pairs perfectly with the Sony A7III but can still be used on the A6500 (equals 80mm) I rented this along with the A7III & the images came out beautifully! Never had any issues with focusing. If you are leary of the sigma this is the way to go.

  3. Sony 18-105mm: Aside from the lens that comes with A6500, this is the only zoom lens I own. I waited a long time to buy this lens because it is a pretty penny & is made specifically for cropped censor cameras. This means it pairs perfectly with the A6500 (but can still be used on a full frame camera). I bought this mainly for travel so I could zoom in on landscapes & creatures. This lens is actually really good for portraits as well.


  1. DJI Spark: This is a tiny drone that is super fun to fly. You can use your phone to control it or get the remote for it. This comes in handy for arial photos, or if you want a photo of yourself & have no one around to help you out. I have crashed mine twice so don’t worry, its normal. Be sure to follow all drone rules & regulations & fly safely.


  1. Camera Backpack: This bag is huge & holds everything I own, plus some. It also comes with a rain guard to protect your bag in heavy downpours.

  2. Tripod: A really good tripod will take you far. The best tripods out there will run you about $200-$300 & have ball head mounts which are awesome. This one is only $36 & will do the job. Especially when paired with a joby ball head.

  3. SD Cards: I have about a million of these. If you have a powerful camera that shoots at a high frame rate per second you want a card that can keep up. Most of my SD cards write at 90-95mb per second but 100-170 is better. If you are shooting in RAW you’ll want something high in storage like a 128GB if you’re shooting in JPEG (this is what I shoot all my hair photos in) something like a 64gb would be ok with a higher writing rate like this one that writes at 170mb per second, perfect for motion shots! Of course you’ll want a case for these as well!

  4. Microphone: If you plan on doing any sort of talking in your videos a microphone is a must. I have the Rode mic & its super easy to use. If you’ll be filming outside you’ll need a windjammer to reduce noise.

  5. Lighting: These LED panel lights are literally the best thing ever, they can be battery powered OR plugged in & comes in a set! You can adjust the brightness & the temperature of the lights. I can travel with these & I also use them in my salon for video & photo. Batteries are sold separate.

  6. Gimbal: If you are more into videoing on your phone, this Zhiyun Smooth gimbal is just what you need, the ZY Play app has a ton of cool features & allows the gimbal to track you as you move. The footage is smooth & never choppy.

  7. Reflector: This little guy is great for bouncing light onto a subject. You can bounce from just about any light source using gold or silver for warm or cool light. You can also use the white part to diffuse too much light such a direct sunlight.

  8. GoPro Dome: If you want to get artsy with your underwater pictures this dome for your GoPro is perfect. This is how people capture those half under half overwater images.

  9. Wireless Remote: This is how I capture photos of myself while my camera is on a tripod. I can also start recording from across the room!

If you are looking to rent something before you buy check out BorrowedLenses.com this is where I always rent from. They even have a used for sale section!

This is everything I use on a day to day basis, or have used. If you have any questions drop me a comment below!

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