Why you need the Sony a6400

So, in my camera bag, I have 2 Sony alpha cameras. One of them is the first Mirrorless/DSLR camera I ever bought, the Sony a5000, & I refuse to part ways with it. It still comes in handy every now & then. My original reason for buying it? Interchangeable lens & the LCD screen flips up to face the front. Dope selfies here I come!

After about 4 years when I REALLY started to dive into photography & video, that camera just wasn’t enough for me anymore so I bought the Sony a6500. This one however, does not have the flip up screen & I was a little hurt by that, I’m not gonna lie. The screen does come out & tilt which is green to deflect sun glare, but….no proper flip up.

But Now…

Sony has just released the a6400! (why they went backwards with the numbers I have no idea) I am so excited this camera is both of the cameras I own, in one.

Sony a6400 blog- The Chaos Collective
Sony a6400 blog- The Chaos Collective

The Sony a6400 has all the features I originally purchased the 6500 for, PLUS the flip screen that the 5000 has! DED. What does that mean for you? (especially my hair stylist friends out there) Let me tell you!

  • Obvi, the flip screen is great for video. Half the time I am just praying I’m getting the shot I want while dong hair or trying to film myself.

  • 120 frames per second SLOOOOWWW MOOOOTIONNNN. Yes, 120 frames per second is hella slow motion & looks so much better in videos than anything your phone can produce.

  • 11 frames per second shooting rate. Hello motion shots.

  • Shoots in 4K video (yes even slow motion)

  • You can shoot in intervals, this is basically time lapse.

  • High ISO, the 6400 actually has a higher ISO limit than the 6500, coming in at 102400. (6500 only goes to 51200 which is still amazing)

  • Eye autofocus, great for movement shots.

  • Bigger battery & way longer battery life.

  • Hot shoe for external flash & aux jack for external microphone if either of these are needed.

  • The one thing this camera doesn't have that the 6500 does, is in body stabilization.

  • Crop censor, making it easier to size for Instagram!

Price Point

Nothing good comes cheap. The Sony a6400 will run you about $898 for just the body ( this means no lens will come with it) $998 for a 16-50mm lens to come with it or $1,298 for a 18-135mm lens to come with it.

The best deal for this is the $1,298 with the 18-135mm lens. This lens is highly versatile & perfect for travel, in salon video/photos & of course, selfies!

Things to know

Sony alpha cameras are e-mount cameras. What this means is that your cannon, nikon, or any other brand lens will not fit on an alpha camera body without an adapter. They aren’t expensive, but add weight to the camera. When purchasing a lens for this camera you MUST make sure it is an e-mount lens.

Verbage Key

I know some of these words probably sound like gibberish to you so let me explain a little….

  • ISO- This basically means your cameras sensitivity to light. If you see a lot of grain in your photos, this needs to be adjusted.

  • Mirrorless- this means when you look through the view finder, it’s all digital.

  • Crop censor- This means the camera takes your image & crops it by 1.5 (some will argue its 1.6 but close enough) this also effects the mm (millimeter) of your cameras lens. Always multiply the mm of your lens by 1.5 (or 1.6) & that will be your true focal length. Example: My lens I use is 30mm which means it’s actually 45mm (x’s 1.5) or 48mm (x’s1.6)

  • Focal length- your lens “mm” is your focal length. The human eye is said to see about the equivalent of 30-50 mm, any number lower than 30-50 mm will take in a bigger view than you naturally see, while higher numbers mean focus will be on a smaller aspect of your view. Basically the higher the number the more close up. The lower the number the farther away.

No matter what you choose I know you’ll do great, but if you decide Sony is the way to go you can buy the 6400 on amazon! If you’re not sure, you can always find it on the Shop my Gear page later!

Questions? Drop them below!!

Sony a6400 blog- The Chaos Collective

Why you need the Sony a6400- The Chaos Collective