Plan over 100 pieces of content in just a few hours


Imagine having an entire planning suite with 100+ content ideas & caption prompts that you could pull from whenever you needed.

How much easier would your life be?

How much of your time would you have back?

How much less stress would you feel about posting?

You come home from a long day at the salon, you scarf down your dinner and then realize you haven't posted on the gram. So you just sit there doom scrolling through your photos wondering what you should post.

✨Do you post a reel? Do you even have a reel edited? 🤔

✨What about another hair photo?

✨Maybe switch it up with a carousel?

✨What about the caption? What do you even say?! 😭

Wouldn't it make so much more sense to build a calendar of content that you can just pull & post when it's time? Think of it like your content savings! Not only does this actually make your life easier, it also saves you time.

Time you could be spending with your family, friends, dog etc.

Planning your content in advance also lets you plan the ✨future✨ of your content as well by foreseeing upcoming holidays, events, seasons etc. & planning your content around them.

 ❌ No more doom scrolling on the couch

❌ No more forced mental energy

❌ No more missed holiday content ideas

❌ No more half assed captions

❌ No more stressing about not posting


Plan your Feed with UNUM

Listen, I love an aesthetic feed, so having UNUM available to be able to plan out & arrange my posts as been so helpful. In Plan the Gram I show you how to use UNUM to plan your feed as well as some of its other amazing features.

Plan your Content with Notion

Notion is an online space where you can organize all your content. (apps also available) I've created an entire Notion suite with prompts & spaces for you to organize & plan along with a full tutorial on how to set it up & use it. 

Content & Captions 

Plan the Gram comes with over 200+ content & caption prompts. These prompts include everything from reels to carousels. The content ideas are great to use if you batch create reels as well!

Video series & tutorials

Plan the Gram has tutorials on how to use everything included in the suite. I also go through my step by step process on how I plan my goals, what my own Notion suite looks like & my content planning process. 

Save Time

with done for you caption & content ideas. We all feel uninspired at times on what type of content to create.

Post Consistently 

Having pre-planned content helps you stay on track with posting more consistently.

Plan Content

As long as you're capturing the contact I've got you covered on how to plan your content & your feed.

thinking like a content creator after a full day in the salon can leave your brain feeling like mush! That's why I've done all the hard work so you don't have to! This planning system is my tried & true method for keeping my content, upcoming projects & thoughts organized! You just plug & post or copy &'s as easy as that!

This gives you more time to focus on other more important things. I've also added in some extras to make sure that you can start using this system right away.


Plan the Gram was designed to help you...

✅ Save time

✅ Post more consistently 

✅ Plan in advance

✅ Be more organized

✅ Know exactly what to post

✅ Post with more intention 

I am a hairstylist, photographer, ex-influencer & digital educator.  

My digital education is all a direct result of things I have learned or taught myself over the last 10 years. Education that wasn't available to me when I was coming up on socials. 

I still do hair, I still enjoy making hair & content but, it's just a different type of content now.

I've been independently educating for the better part of a decade. Everything from hair color & techniques to brand deals & photography. 

My goal is to help stylist who are also content creators (if you use social media thats you) in the areas where they struggle. This means giving away my behind the scenes secrets of how I ran my social media  without letting it run me!