The Lighting.These are the best for in salon lighting I have found! They can go completely warm or completely cool. Somewhere in between is the best for natural looking light. They are also dimable! They run off of batteries or an outlet. One light will take 2 batteries but can run for a while off one battery. (batteries not included)

The Video. If you’re looking to up your video quality, these are 2 things I use the most. The gimbal (left) creates smooth, fluid motion when filming. The rode microphone (right) makes what you are saying crisp & clear!

The camera. Sony a6500. This is the camera I currently own & use for all my photography. I use it with a sigma 30mm prime lens. (listed below) Don’t understand any of that? Don’t worry the blog is coming!

The Tripod & The Mount. No matter what you are doing, you’re likely to need a tripod. (left) This one is great for in salon filming due to the angle you can rotate it. Its also great for flatlays! If you have a spare tripod hanging out somewhere but, & want better movement this mount (right) will screw right onto the top of any tripod.


Hot off the Line

Best Camera for Hair Stylists. The Sony a6400 is the best camera for hair stylists. If you want to know why, check out the blog here.


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