Pinterest, Business Edition for beginners.

I get so many messages daily from business owners & personal brands who have no idea how to use Pinterest but, want to utilize the app to grow their business or market themselves to a wider audience.

In this blog I’m going to explain to you the basics of how to set up a business Pinterest & how I utilize mine!

p.s- this is gonna be a long one.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual search engine (think of it like a mash up of Instagram & Google). I’ve noticed that I use Pinterest over Google most of the time, it has completely changed the way I search for information. I’m getting REAL information from people I feel like I can connect with at a moments notice. People who are speaking from the experience of what they are writing/posting about. With over 250 Million users Pinterest should definitely rank up there with Google in terms of how businesses (& hair stylists) market themselves.

Step 1- Business Account

This can be tricky if you already have a personal account with a good amount of followers. You need to decide if you are a personal brand, or strictly your business brand. If your answer is just business, go ahead and make a shiny new account. If you are personal (like me) then just convert your current Pinterest page to a business account.

A little more in depth; I am a personal brand & not just a business. I have other businesses that include, photography, travel, online courses etc. as well as my salon suite. Most everything I pin has to do with my brand & what falls under it. If you only wish to promote your business (i.e.- your salon, restaurant,blog etc.) then your Pinterest page should be strictly that category.

Pinterest Blog- The Chaos Collective

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Step 2- Verify your website

Pinterest will give you a code to place into your websites custom CSS or HTML coding. This is how Pinterest can crawl your site & know what pins belong to you. (found under settings)

Note: you will have to apply some HTML code to your website to link it, if you have someone that built your site for you, just send them the HTML code with the instructions it gives you & have them handle that part for you. Also, you can only switch between accounts on a computer or browser. On the app, you have to physically log in & out when going between accounts.

When you verify your website with Pinterest you will get access to your account analytics. Here you can see insights about your audience, what pins are performing the best, and who is pinning your pins. Having this information is super valuable.

As you can see my website is already verified. This is the area where you would input your site.

Pinterest Blog- The Chaos Collective

The code given will look something like the image below.

Pinterest Blog- The Chaos Collective

Step 3-Fill in your name & bio

This applies to a brand new account, if you just converted your personal account these are some things to think about changing if you haven’t done so already. (found under settings)

  • Your name- You can use two of your most important keywords here along with your name &/or business name. Because I choose to just convert my personal page to business, I simply changed “Crystal Casey” to “Cryistal Chaos” (my user name was already @cryistalchaos).  I am a personal brand so all of my businesses will fall under this name ( photography, travel, hair, this blog etc.) When trying to decide if you should you use your name or your business name. Think about what words people would be searching for when trying to find you on Pinterest. You will also have to pick what kind of business you are.

  • Your Bio-This is a great place for your secondary keywords. You only have 160 characters so make them count. Explain what you do, your location, name of your business (if not listed in your name) accolades etc.

    (note: you can only get a clickable link to your website if it is verified.)

Pinterest Blog- The Chaos Collective
Pinterest Blog- The Chaos Collective

Step 4- Set up your boards

You should have at least 10-15 boards that relate to your business. I also recommend that you add a few boards where you have a cohesive look/style & show some personality with your account.

  • Place your most popular boards in the top 2 two rows. You will want to set up a dedicated board for just your own pins/content & make this the first board people see.

  • Delete/ make secret any boards that are not suited to your ideal audience or brand. (if you are planning travel, kids clothes, planning a party etc.) To make a board secret; go to the little pencil on the board>toggle the “make secret” button to on.

  • Change board names to keyword rich names. (i.e.- boring & generic names people can understand) Basically: don’t be yourself with board names. Instead of “Rainbows & Unicorn Manes” name your board “Rainbow Hair Color”. Boring, I know, but it’s so search engine crawlers can find you when people search generic shit. lol.

  • Each board gets a description, make sure these descriptions are loaded with keywords that people would search for. You can also pick a category that this board would fall under.

  • You can also change your board covers to something pretty & not have a hot mangled mess all over your page.

Pinterest Blog- The Chaos Collective
Pinterest Blog- The Chaos Collective
Pinterest Blog- The Chaos Collective

Bonus Fact:

You can merge boards together & create sub-sections inside another board. If you are not merging just hit the plus sign at the top left inside the board!

Pinterest Blog- The Chaos Collective
Pinterest Blog- The Chaos Collective

Step 5- Get to following & pinning!

Follow people in your industry, follow topics, or you can follow individual boards so you will have relevant content to repin.

  • Pin with your target audience in mind. What would they be pinning to their personal boards? If your target audience is would be clients & you’re a hairdresser, pin amazing hair or DIY styling tutorials. If you’re target audience is amateur photographers, pin YouTube videos & camera reviews!

  • Consider creating boards around the most popular topics on Pinterest. Quotes are always popular. DIY, decorating, recipes, etc. But remember to stay within the realm of your business, if you’re a hairdresser people following your business don’t want to see crafts & random memes.

  • Don’t be afraid to merge your personality into your business account. Think about your brand and make sure you are keeping with a cohesive brand look. What you pin could be the difference between attracting a nightmare client, or a dream client.

Why should you repin other people’s content?

You should be repinning quality content (on an everyday basis) to help your ranking on Pinterest & for your audience. I like to go by the 80/20 rule, pin 80% other peoples pins & 20% of my own.

Why? Well…your account is attached to every pin you repin to your boards. If you pin quality pins that get repinned, Pinterest then views your account as valuable. When you’re viewed as valuable, Pinterest will start showing your pins more in the searches & the smart feeds of your audience.

Do you feel like you have a good start to Pinterest now? If you have a question drop it below!

Pinterest Blog- The Chaos Collective

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