Travel Must Haves

The Bags. If you know me, you know I’m super organized especially when I pack. These are the things that make my Type-A personality happy. The packing cubes are honestly so easy when unpacking as well, you always know what is where. Secret be told, I use the cups in the hotel bathrooms to put my makeup brushes in usually, this makeup brush case eliminates the middle man. Make up bag….a given.

The Electronics. I literally can not live without these 3 Items when I travel. You gotta have power because, well…pics or it didn’t happen. The luggage scale is incredible (#3) bc its so damn hard to keep my bag under 50lbs.

The Comfort. If I don’t swear by anything on this list, it’s that inflatable pillow. I sleep sooo well on planes with it. Also, I’m not sleeping without a fan, like ever. So I take this little guy with me everywhere. Compression socks, girl you don’t need no swollen ankles.

The Organization. Cords, they can be a nightmare, but not with that travel bag its been a life saver more times than I can count. Also, identify theft is so real, people can steal your card numbers with a scan as they walk by, this wallet protects you from that & its cute. Comes in like 758695 different colors. Luggage tags, bc they are cute & I don’t need some stranger walking away with my bag.