Master the art of shooting and editing professional-quality videos with your phone or camera. Everything those hair creators aren't telling you, I'm spilling it all in this course!

Everything those hair creators aren't telling you, I'm spilling it all in this course!

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If video content didn't make you want to pull your hair out. 

💭Imagine not wanting to yeet your phone across the room every time you were trying to edit.

💭Imagine being able to get rid of those blurry, grainy slow motion videos.

💭Imagine not having video content creation take up most of your free time.

Wouldn't that be nice?

Listen I get it...

it can be overwhelming to navigate all the different apps, buttons, and techniques & still have to do hair.

But, video content is becoming increasingly important for hairstylists on social media, so it's essential to have a solid understanding of videography.

With the Videography 101 course, you can learn the basics of shooting and editing professional-quality videos, create compelling content that sets you apart, and take your salon/creator business to the next level in this digital age.


FACT #1: Video content is one of the most powerful tools you can use to engage with your audience.

FACT #2: Videos are more likely to be shared than other types of content  

FACT #3: Video content allows you to connect with your audience in a more personal way which is essential for long-term success.


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Category #1

Struggling when it comes to finding balance...

between quality and quantity.

You know it's important to create videos that are visually appealing and engaging, but it can be difficult to produce videos quickly enough to keep up with the demand of social media.

Category #2

Clueless when it comes to editing...

What do all these buttons do?!

Your everyday tools are shears and color, not apps and editing software. Learning the different features can be a lot & it's slowing you down when it comes to content creation. 

There is a way to create quality content without editing new videos everyday.

There is a way to learn editing without wanting to yeet your phone.

There is a way to get high quality video footage while still using your phone.

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Videography 101

Module 1

The Tools

✔️Camera & iPhone video settings

✔️Frames Per Second

✔️iPhone back facing camera & live photos to videos

✔️Stabilization & Lighting

✔️Transferring Files 


Module 2

The Filming

✔️Parts of a video & how long to film each part

✔️Keeping your audience engaged

✔️Handheld Transitions

✔️Slow Motion Videos

Module 3

The Editing

✔️InShot & CapCut mini tutorials

✔️Jump Cuts

✔️Speed Ramping & cinematic edits


✔️Zoom edits 

✔️CapCut Templates

Module 4

The Extras

✔️Hooks & Calls to action list

✔️Strategy & things to be careful of

✔️What types of videos to post & how often 

✔️How to direct your audience on where they should go next

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Instant & lifetime Access

Upon joining, you get instant access to EVERYTHING inside, ain't nobody got time to wait. I encourage you to start from the top and work your way down through the lessons. Get a fresh iced coffee to enjoy as you binge watch, or take it lesson by lesson - totes up to you.

Learn at your own Pace

Even though you get instant access doesn't mean you have to immediately dig in & finish it all at once. You can watch these bite size videos on your own time & learn however works best for you. If you want to start from the end and move to the beginning, go for it! Do whatever works for YOU!

A System that's proven to work

By next Monday you could have an entirely new outlook on editing and video creation overall. This is perhaps one of the most actionable and immediate programs you’ll ever take. Buh-bye half-ass attempts at editing. 👋🏻 Your content work flow is going to be forever changed.

& I’ve been trailblazing social media since 2004. I started paving the way with videos in 2016 as one of the first hairstylist to start posting video content to Instagram (I'm not claiming I created, it don't worry 😉) my video content really hit a high in 2018 when I adapted my pro camera into the mix. I never hit millions of views on my hair tutorials, it was actually a meme video that got me to 12M views in 2017 😏 & a CapCut meme template that recently got me 2.6M, but my tutorials did consistently hit in the 100s of thousands pretty regularly. 

I want to help you create high quality video content so that you can adapt your own filming style & create content that sets you apart from the crowd. Content that can help you bring in more clients, attract more brand deals or whatever your online goals are!

Frequently Asked Questions

So instead of fighting it, look at it as a way to show off your amazing talent & your personality.

Videos can bring in new clients or brand deals. It just depends on what YOU want.

I won't lie to you, it’s hard work. But, the reward is worth it.

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