Exciting Announcement!

Cryistal Chaos Virginia Beach Hairstylist

I finally hit 50k followers on my hair Instagram! This has been a goal of mine since I started creating content 4 years ago! Next stop, 100k! Thank you to everyone who has supported me & continues to support me! 2019 is off to a great start!

A little about me….


Hey Pal,

I’m Cryistal Chaos, a 33 year old hair stylist & Virginia Beach native. I am literally obsessed with anything rainbow, neon or holographic & I freak out over the cuteness of dogs every chance I get.

I cuss like a sailor, I tell it how it is & live off coffee 5 days a week. I prefer night to morning; Fall to summer; dogs to cats; apple to android. I’m fascinated by social media & obsessed with photography. Things I can’t live without; my iPhone & my Subaru.

The Chaos Collective is a collection of my travels, education, fashion, photography & hair.


Cryistal Chaos

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